a month long

i have no interesting enough story to share. or maybe i'm just too lazy to go online and blog. i've been taking sewing lesson (a free one) and started some super easy sewing projects. i'm obsessed with sewing since 2010 but haven't got the guts to cut the beautiful fabrics i continue on buying. now i found a teacher, i took a baby step. 

school also a little bit overwhelming now. near the end, the paper works just keep piling up with me having no intention to touch it at all. i'm lucky to got a group of friends that are similar like me. in some way, we're kinda being pushed further from the main group of the smart people. maybe because the smart one think we're no use for them. just a view days ago my friend found out, she said 'i think the don't wanna be friends with us because we're acting strange near them'. which i reviewed. she's right. we are strange near them. we're silent. i can explain why though, we can't follow their conversation, since they decided to always talk about lessoning others. water always finds its own level. :p

this weekend my girls will come. i can't wait honestly. i haven't seen them for quite a long time. a bit paranoid that i wont be able to follow their stories and stuff but, in the end i'll just shove that off and be happy. not everyday i get a visit from them. :D


Claude C Kenni said...

Lu kuliah apaan, Lit? S2?
Tapi setuju ma lu, water always find its own level. Ga usah maksain diri untuk bergaul sama orang2 yg emang lu rasa ga cocok buat lu =)

LITYA said...

iyaa.. balik lagi ke itb -___-