Real life, baby!

i woke up this morning from a bad dream. apparently i was in this "reunion" and those who are in it aren't just my college friends, but also my high school friends. i greeted everybody and did a little chit chat. when they asked what I've been doing lately i told them i just got back from a trip, then i asked them the same question. and this was where the nightmare started.

some has gotten married. one i remembered already got a child with his wife. i saw a group of my friends dressed up in office outfits looking professional. one of then was a lawyer. many of them just got their master degrees.

this scene happened in a huge ball room and i don't know why in that very ballroom, there's a mall! and those people i mention above shopped till they dropped simply because they have the ability to buy new expensive stuff with the money they earned.

to make it even worse, the 'unmentionable' also came to my dream and talked to me. he still looked like he used to. messy, dirty, annoying. and he's the only one there without the fancy suit. the only one without the great job title. the one without any further degree. without any good money to spend on anything but food. he's the only one reflected 'me' in my dream.

i woke up to that.

now i get cranky, trying to find something to do. my friend texted me about a program related to her job. another friend of mine texted me about an opening for a job. (just as i awoken). dear Lord, i need a week from this and i promise, I'll work my butt off again.

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