The wound still leaves scar

She was there when all life seems to be so pure for them, 
lived the days as children and show the world how invincible they were. 
Add age and distance to the love birds, 
simply to make each meeting became important and priceless. 
One meeting and one wrong turn, 
without knowing what they had done their mistake conceived. 

Years gone by and the love still lingers. 
Something addictive that keeps him coming back for more. 

All other options seems so fake and silly compare to the one he has set his eyes on. 
The girl he hurt long time ago. 
The one that turn his life upside down and yet the only one that kept him going. 

She belongs to another man now, 
he's only a second too late to ask forgiveness. 

Not she doesn't want to forgive, she tried but failed to ignore the deepest scar he ever tore on her.

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Claude C Kenni said...

Yesterday, I just saw a movie that fits exactly like what you wrote here. it's a Chinese movie titled "I Do"

Look for it if you have time, it has English subs =)