i know, it's way too late

all my friends who are watching Korean dramas or Korean Variety show in general always reccomend me to watch running man. i tried to find the videos in YouTube but it's always cut, and i don't like watching anything not from the very beginning and incomplete.

long story short, in order to help me to get through the holidays and also my plan during Ramadhan, i decided on watching Korean dramas. The first drama i watch since Secret Garden is Innocent Man. (i watch several other dramas but they don't impress me that much so i ended up watching only two episodes)

The story line is quite predictable, but what i love about this drama are the actors. moreover, Song Joong Ki. today i found a website hosts a bunch of Asian drama with HD quality (gooddrama.net) and found running man. since i'm curious, i might as well watch it. And there he is, Song Joong Ki! so to Boy and Dian who's been recommend me multiple times about this variety show, thank you~~~ :D


Claude C Kenni said...

Gua juga cuma nonton dikit Runningman, ga ngikutin lengkap soalnya episodenya udah kebanyakan dan satu episodenya 1,5 jam. Bayangin 130 x 90 menit...berapa banyak tuh waktu yg harus gua habisin untuk nonton?

Gina Ridhia said...

Hi...I recommend you a drama titled "The Queen's Classroom" try to watch it :D I dont know will you like it or not hehe ^^