Batu Karas

we made a decision to go to Bogor at first, but after thinking about it for a while, it costs more than it would if we go to Batu Karas instead. so we went. we skipped class on Thursday and headed on to the South part of West Java.

the trip was a lot of fun. the fun changed when my GPS decided to show us the wrong way to go there (none of us has gone there before, so we're completely lost).  we're stuck in someone else's village for almost three hours, got on a bridge that only capable of holding one car at a time (and we must pay 1000 rupiah for the ride), even witnessed someone pooping in the empang.

(all pictures by www.kinonia.net)

after all, we arrived 12 hours after we departed, got a place to stay and rest, so we could have all the fun the next day. ^o^

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