How this country still survives really is something needs to be asked. I don't usually do any comments about it, however,everything that had happened lately was just too amusing. Started with the future-president-to-be that involved a dangdut singer that knows nothing about this countries issue except for "i want to make Indonesia a moslem country, and people will back me up since they want a moslem president that's nationalist, not a nationalist that happened to be moslem." next is the menpora (youth and sport minister?? Not sure it is in english) resigned because he involved in some kind of infamous corruption (duh! Like he's the only one in this country. If that's the case the president himself should resign also). Since the position was empty, the president had to choose a new person to fill in. And menpora that stands for menteri pemuda dan olahraga' now meant 'menteri photoshop dan rekayasa' why? because the one chosen is someone whose a top notch in that area. He usually be the one the reporters came to whenever there's a nude picture of our celebrities. So that guy, now a minister. 

As i had my coffee this morning, another person came out. He said he's also ready to be a president. He thinks people will pick him because he saved 4 people from death sentence (he's a lawyer i guess) the punch is, he will use "sumpah pocong" as a sentece to any corruptors in this country. A well educated student that has became lawyer that freed 4 people from death sentence, consider the king of dangdut as his main opponent, will apply "sumpah pocong" as a sentence. I'm just lost for words. 

If one of them elected to be a president. Anyone please, help me to get out of this.country. I cannot let myself be ruled by one of those idiots. I don't want to witness this country crumble even worse than it already is in the hands of a singer or a stupid lawyer. Or an old lady who still believed she could make a difference by always bringing up her belated father that built this country the first time. Ma'am, the time passed. We wont forget your father, but women, please, you're not your father.


Claude C Kenni said...

Well said, Lit. Gua juga di sini tiap baca berita negara kita selalu cuma bisa usap2 dada. Jiz, kalo dibandingin negara laen yg udah sibuk bikin proyek ke luar angkasa atau kereta api supercepat antar negara, negara kita isi beritanya lebih mirip opera sabun picisan...

What will be the future of this country if those idiots become president >_<

LITYA said...

usaha banting tulang cari lahan kerja di negara orang aja Ven. -__-