if one day one of us have a family of our own (read: new babies) i beg you, please don't post every single picture of them every damn day on any social networking media. it's just annoying. i understand if you want to share with the world of your new baby, one or two picts a month is okay (the baby will look slightly different within months i'm sure, but not ever day! 

i don't need (we all don't need) to get a preview of every inch of your little ones taken from all different angles when all the baby did was just "stare blankly at the camera" and the only 'spot the difference' was the clothing only. 

it's your first baby, or second, or third, i don't care. i'm sure when i become parent i will also do that for keep sakes, but i think it makes sense if you keep it private in your own file in your own PC. or print it out and make some albums, make a scrap book for your baby, that's more useful and meaningful for your babies when they grow up--seriously, instead of "look at mommy's facebook dear.. it got lots of your baby pictures", i'd rather have "here's a scrap book i made of you after you were born, keep it". 

so, to sum up: go ahead and share your baby picture to the world. just not every damn day. with the same stare. (it's almost like when all of the popular girls took picture with different backgrounds but same facial expression, and you made fun of it with your friends because it looked photoshopped. well, that's exactly how your baby looks like.)


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