Diary Pramugari by Agung Webe

this is the book that i just read. at first i thought this would be a trashy one, the one that i actually bought only because i had nothing else interesting to read. turned out it's one of that book that's hard to put down. 

no, it's not really about living as a flight attendant and be a whore as the tittle said (guess it's just the publisher's selling point) when i sunk myself into it, it's more about life from 3 different views. what i like the most is the view from one character named Anya. she reflects my view in many ways, especially my faith which i always declare as an agnostic. more amazing thing, the main character, Jingga was not a judgmental person. She lives her life as she believes in but accepts Anya's point of view as something interesting to learn about another human being (unlike the judgmental Moslem Organisation which i'm sure you know what oppose all the time in this country.)

here're some qoutes from Anya:

i believe in God, and i don't wanna do anything that harm me or people around me, because that's consider a sin. but when i'm having fun without having to cause someone else's discomfort then it's fine.
it's not that i don't have religion, i just don't approve all legal religions in our country. these religions more like some political tools to gain more followers. the rule of "help those in need in our circle first" is very questionable. why do we have to be picky when it comes to helping others? without religion politics we can help any human kind in need.
why do you do your 5 times a day prayer? is it because you're told to? do feel connected with God when you do it? or is it just because you feel guilty when you don't? why do you feel guilty then?
why are you a moslem? you said it's because your parents are moslem, so that means Islam is your parent's religion and you're just born with it. do you feel like you're really connected to God in Moslem way? i believe religion is our way to God. i have my own way to connect to him also.
Indonesian people who has power tend to show it every time. they're used of having everything served to them on a silver plate. we, who has to serve it must have a bigger understanding. of course we get mad every now and then from the way they treat us, but i think that's when we're being tested of our maturity. 

well, i don't mean to throw in some controversy here. i'm just relieved that the way i see myself, God, the connection and religion turned out to be normal (my agnostic friends are all cool with this view, but some of my extreme moslem friends looked at me like 'oh, you're so diving into hell' look.) 

conclusion, people have their own way. let's live in our own way without judging others thinking that our believe is the best. after all, human, God and religion are so complex. I remember i learned one thing when i was a kid in the Pendidikan Pancasila lesson (Nation's Education) called tenggang rasa--tolerance. i personally think that value aren't apply in this country anymore. 

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