the first seven months

1st month

He’ll take you places just to spent times together

He’ll try to get to know you better

Then he said your flaws was something great

Cos I meant you’re acting just the way you are

2nd month

He started to say I love you

He’ll be there for you whenever you need him

Then you started to trust him

And started to be more opened

3rd month

You made some commitment with him

You realized that you drove him nuts

But no matter what

He said its okay, I understand

4th month

You had squabble here and there

Your soul troubled somehow

He feels the same anyhow

But still try to make you feel better

5th month

He didn’t open up when you ask about his past

He said his story was too hurt to be told

You felt like somehow you don’t belong

That maybe these are just another wrong

6th month

After you talked, he started to opened up

He started saying I love you again

You were so glad

That your hard work has paid off

7th month

When you cry he wouldn’t care too much

For him your tear was nothing compare to his burden

Each conversation has a bitter end, no more quality times

Each day ended up by feeling upset about each other

(and finally you chose not to see him for a little while but it didn't work out well)

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